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Mobile Deposit Made Safe and Easy

Oct 17, 2017 | 2 minute read

Mobile Deposit | Deposit Funds from Your Phone

Mobile deposit is a convenient way to add funds to your account without needing to stop by a branch, mailing in a check, or visiting an ATM.

With a few easy taps, safely deposit funds wherever you are. While the app does most of the work for you, here are a few tricks to ensure a seamless deposit, every time.

1. Sign the back to endorse the check.

Even when you’re depositing the check using your mobile device, you need to sign the back and endorse the check by writing for “Mobile Deposit Only.” Some financial institutions may ask you to include their name to prevent fraud; follow the directions provided in your app. Not signing and endorsing could prevent your app from accepting the image or possibly denying the deposit later.

2. Take a clear picture.

This seems like the most obvious tip, but a few elements go into taking a picture optimized for mobile deposit. Make sure the check is laying on a flat surface; holding the check will make the image blurry or not within the image outline for deposit. Photographing the check on a dark or contrasting background will help the app identify the check easier. Ensure the check fits within the guides provided to you on the screen and nothing is infringing on the image, including your finger or a shadow.

3. Check for good signal strength.

A strong signal is necessary for your check to travel to your financial institution’s server and be accepted. If you’re not using your personal, secure Wi-Fi, verify you have a strong signal before trying to deposit your check.

4. Make sure your app is updated.

Financial institutions update their app periodically to add new features or improve performance. If you’re having any problems depositing a check into your account, determine whether your app needs to be updated.

5. Confirm your deposit.

Most financial institutions will send you a confirmation of deposit. Whether they do or not, you should be able to use the deposit history/pending feature to review your deposit and verify your funds will be deposited into the correct account. Take note of check holds to determine when you can expect the funds in your account.

Depositing funds on-the-go gives you more time to do the things you love with less time spent visiting a branch. Take these tips into consideration to ensure a quick, smooth deposit.

Learn more about our mobile app and mobile deposits.


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